For those of you interested to know my views on Brexit, here they are:

EU Referendum

I voted to remain in the EU, so I am disappointed by the outcome of the referendum, but I believe strongly that it must be respected. A clear majority of the electorate in the United Kingdom as a whole voted to leave.

EU Referendum

On 23rd June, the people of the United Kingdom will be making the most significant political decision most of us will ever make – whether we should remain within the European Union or leave it. It is a decision which will affect our nation’s place in the world, its prosperity and its future for many years to come and none of us should take it lightly. 

Syrian refugee situation

The present situation in the Mediterranean is intolerable.  Recent photos are clearly shocking and harrowing.  This is why we continue to be at the forefront of the international response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria – including as the second biggest bilateral donor of humanitarian aid, having already pledged £1 billion. 

My views on the Assisted Dying Bill

I can think of very few policy issues on which my position has been as hard to reach as that of so-called “Assisted dying”. The House of Lords has already considered a Bill which would change the law on someone’s potential criminal liability for helping another to die and on the 11th September the House of Commons will do the same.