On this section of my website you can read about the latest news concerning HS2 as well as more about the work that I am doing to support those who are affected by the route.

Where do I stand on HS2? I believe high speed rail lines should follow existing transport corridors. I think there is a good argument for a high speed rail network as a better and greener transport option than short-haul flights, which would free up scarce landing slots at our airports for flights to long-haul destinations we can reach no other way, but I think HS2 would be better routed along motorways or railway lines we already have, not across open Warwickshire countryside.

I promised to argue for this when I was elected in 2010 and I have kept my promise by continuing to argue for that. I also promised to devote my time and energy to the detail of HS2 and I have kept that promise too. I have spent about 50% of my time as a constituency MP since 2010 on this issue alone. I have worked with individuals affected and action groups set up to campaign against HS2 and of course continue to do so.

If you think that I might be able to assist you with issues relating to HS2, please click here to get in touch.