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Finsbury Park

Last night's attack in Finsbury was a reminder of the need for us to stand together against terrorism - whoever it comes from and whoever it is directed at. We grieve with the victims and their families together.

London - 3 June 2017

Last night there was another terrible attack on our way of life and this morning we grieve again with those affected. We should recognise too the tremendous professionalism and heroism of those who responded to it and remain determined to defeat those responsible for it.


My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the terrible incident in Manchester last night.

London - 22 March 2017

This week, this column could not be about anything other than the terrible events of last Wednesday afternoon in Westminster.

HS2 Third Reading

HS2 Third Reading
Statement by Rt. Hon Jeremy Wright QC MP The legislation authorising construction of the HS2 railway line moved to the House of Lords on Wednesday, having passed its ‘Third Reading’ stage in the House of Commons with a majority of 357. Approval of the Bill by the House of Commons was never in any doubt, given the support for it from all major political parties and following a similarly huge majority in favour of its Second Reading. 

Meeting the Legion in Parliament

During a typical week in Westminster, I am often asked if I will meet with various charities and organisations who each want to highlight a certain campaign or issue. It isn’t possible for me to meet every request but I will always try if my diary allows.  

Military action in Syria

I do not think anyone seriously doubts the barbarism of Daesh or its determination to attack Western democratic society. The terrible events in Paris on 13th November were very good evidence of that on top of the deaths of many innocent people at their hands before that. I believe their determination to attack us has very little to do with our foreign policy choices and much more to do with the choices we have made to live in a society that promotes freedoms and equalities that Daesh will never accept.  There is therefore no negotiation to be undertaken with them. 

A Budget for working people

George Osborne has presented a Budget that delivers security for working people and delivers on the promises upon which we were elected.

An all Conservative Queen’s Speech

The recent State Opening of Parliament and the start of the parliamentary year is the main ceremonial event of the year in Westminster. It attracts a significant amount of media attention; particularly the Queen's procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster in which the Queen is escorted from Buckingham Palace to Westminster, by the Household Cavalry.