Brexit Update June 2019

As you will know, Theresa May resigned as leader of the Conservative Party on 7 June but she will remain as Prime Minister until the end of the leadership election. The new Conservative Party leader will be chosen by the Conservative Party.

I believe that Theresa May has worked tirelessly to secure a good deal for the UK and I commend her determination, stamina and sense of duty. The new Prime Minister will inherit the same arithmetic in Parliament and I believe that a deal will only pass if there is compromise on all sides. The EU has said that it will not re-start discussions on the Withdrawal Agreement and Parliament has repeatedly voted against no deal. The extended Article 50 period ends on 31 October and the Government continues to prepare for all eventualities.

I believe that the deal negotiated by the Prime Minister would have allowed the UK to take back control of its laws, borders and money but Parliament rejected the Government’s deal on three occasions. When MPs were invited to vote on a variety of options regarding leaving the EU, they rejected all of them. They included leaving without a deal, holding a second referendum and not leaving at all.

The Withdrawal Agreement Bill had been due to be introduced in the House of Commons at the beginning of June. The strength of opposition to it in Parliament, however, led to it being postponed and Theresa May said that the country’s interests would be best served by another Prime Minister.

The UK had been due to leave the EU on 29 March and I had not wanted the country to participate in the European Parliament elections. The extension of Article 50 meant that we were legally obliged to hold them. I was disappointed at the results and many good Conservative MEPs lost their seats.