Holocaust Memorial Day 2019

It is increasingly important, in times where division and hateful language appear to be growing, for us to remember what can happen when those words become actions. That is why every year I sign the Book of Commitment that is placed in Parliament before Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January.

Drop in at Lighthorne Heath Village Hall

Drop in event at Lighthorne Heath Village Hall last weekend. I re-opened the hall in 2018 and it is a valuable resource for the local community. 

The Way Forward

The House made it very clear last night what it does not support. We now need to work out what changes must be made in order to deliver a Brexit it does support whilst ensuring we deliver on the referendum result as already decided by the British people.

Meeting with NFU

Always good to meet with the local branch of the NFU in the constituency, and an important chance to discuss the issues that matter to the farmers that make up such a key part of our local area.

Our local NHS

As last year came to a close, there have been two pieces of good news about our local NHS; recognition of the developments and advances made over the last year and details about a scheme that will make South Warwickshire a leader in mental health care.

New Year 2019

2018 was a year of extremes. We had, by British standards, a very cold winter followed by a very hot summer. Around the world, moderation and compromise has seemed in short supply, and, of course, there has been the ongoing Brexit debate.

Jaguar Land Rover

I have been contacted by a number of constituents who work at JLR and are concerned about the prospect of leaving the European Union without a deal.

I would like to reassure constituents that I continue to support leaving the EU with the deal that has been negotiated.

Views on Brexit

Negotiation is about compromise and in any negotiation you rarely get everything you want. We have not got everything we wanted in our negotiation to leave the European Union, and I would not claim otherwise.

Supporting the Prime Minister

I will be supporting the Prime Minister tonight. Not only because she deserves that support but also because the country does not need this distraction right now. The Prime Minister has focussed entirely on the national interest. I hope my colleagues will too.