Upgrading our Skills

As we look over what we hope might be the horizon of the Coronavirus epidemic I understand and appreciate people across Kenilworth and Southam will be feeling anxious about what happens next and how our local economies will recover. Small businesses are the backbone of our area and entrepreneurial spirit can be found throughout each village and town. Lockdown has been a hardship for us all, but we all look forward to some degree of normality beginning to resume, when the situation allows. In the meantime I thank again all those who have been working hard to get us through this period.

Part of looking forward might also involve an opportunity to refresh or upgrade our skills. Some of us will still be furloughed or shielding for some time yet, and some of us might be facing some difficulties in our careers.  Whatever your situation, education and skills are key to opening up opportunities, no matter your background, and they are a way of challenging yourself and keeping your mind healthy and busy during time spent at home. That’s why I was pleased to hear about The Skills Toolkit, which offers free training courses on digital and numeracy topics.

Digital and numeracy skills are amongst those that are most sought after by employers, and can help you progress in work and boost your job prospects. Digital skills can be anything from using social media and staying safe online to coding, programming or digital marketing.

You can choose from a selection of high quality courses put together in collaboration with experts. Find a level and time to study that’s right for you. The Skills Toolkit makes it easy for you to boost your skills. There’s more details and links on my website at www.jeremywright.org.uk

A large number of constituents have also been boosting their skills through volunteering, as well as helping those in need, and to highlight just one effort I would like to point to the work of the ‘Warwickshire Needs Scrubs’ collective, which features 3 ‘hubs’ within our area. Across the operation over 750 scrubs and over 2,000 headbands and bags have been delivered. In Wellesbourne, local coordinator Sharon Underhill has organised more than 200 residents who have been working to improve the lives of NHS staff during this incredibly difficult time.

There are many more examples of volunteering across our area and I’d like to encourage you to tell me about someone in your area who has been going above and beyond at this time of crisis so I can work to ensure they get the recognition they deserve. You can share your nomination by emailing jeremy@jeremywright.org.uk