Kenilworth Carnival

There are certain things you cannot rely on in a British summer. Like sunshine, or England winning at football, or cricket, though these things do happen. There are other things however that you can rely on, and one of those is the Kenilworth Carnival. For decades, floats have made their way through the streets of Kenilworth, in all summer weathers, many Carnival Queens (and Kings) have reigned and much money has been collected for good causes. Not every town still has a traditional carnival procession like these and in Kenilworth we should be proud of it.

We should also be proud of the people who make it happen. The Carnival is a huge amount of work to organise and put on and that work begins almost as soon as previous year’s floats have been dismantled, aside from persuading people to take responsibility for, decorate and populate a float, vehicles have to be arranged, bands booked and roads closed. I want to thank the Carnival Committee for all their hard work this week and all the weeks it takes to get this particular show on the road. They represent the best of what is Kenilworth’s considerable community spirit, which we see in many events that put a relatively small town on the map for national standard events. This weekend provides another opportunity to take pride in Kenilworth. So whether you live here or not, whether you been before or not, please come out and support the Kenilworth Carnival on Saturday. And please be generous to those of us shaking the collection tins.