HS2 - Ancient Woodlands - October 2019 Update

Since the review into HS2’s future was announced, I have argued consistently that the removal of ancient woodland should not take place until that review has concluded. In response to HS2 Ltd.’s concern that if some ancient woodland along the route is not removed this Autumn, it could not be then done until the following Autumn, I have argued that such delay, to an already delayed project, is preferable to the prospect of irreversible damage to ancient woodland being done and the review concluding that HS2 should follow a different route or should not happen at all. I am pleased to say that these arguments have now been accepted.

The review into HS2’s future is expected to conclude this month. HS2 Ltd have today confirmed to me in writing that no ancient woodland within my constituency will be removed this year. HS2’s revised programme now sets out deferral of removal at the following sites to early 2020:

  • Fulfen Wood
  • Broadwells Wood
  • Birches Wood
  • Crackley Wood
  • Unnamed Woodland south of Ashow Road
  • South Cubbington Wood

The following sites will now see no removal works until Autumn/Winter 2020:

  • Roughknowles Wood
  • North Wood
  • Unnamed copse off Drayton Lane
  • Rookery Wood
  • Burnt Firs