Exam Results

Students across the country recently received their exam results. The weeks of mounting tension, slowly building up since “pens down please” was called on the last exams in June, are finally over.

Scams Awareness Month

July marks the start of the school summer holidays and I am sure that many of my constituents (and their children) are looking forward to a well-deserved break.

Wellesbourne Allotments

Wellesbourne allotments serve a valuable community purpose and I want to see them remain in use. I also think, and have said before, that Wellesbourne has taken its fair share of new housing and there is no need for more land to be allocated for it in the near future.


Part of my job as a Member of Parliament is to seek to understand the businesses that operate in my constituency and which contribute to our local economy.  All face challenges but some have faced, and overcome, very significant challenges indeed.

Grenfell Tower Disaster

At the time of writing at least 79 people lost their lives in the fire at Grenfell Tower in Kensington.  Given the nature of what happened, that number may well increase.  At this point it is still hard to see past shock at what has taken place and sympathy for those affected.  It is easy to unde

Reflections: General Election 2017

It is a huge honour to represent in Parliament the place where you live, and the voters of the Kenilworth and Southam constituency have given me that honour once again.  I expect that for every candidate, win or lose, the most prevalent feeling on hearing the number of votes cast for you is one o

Finsbury Park

Last night's attack in Finsbury was a reminder of the need for us to stand together against terrorism - whoever it comes from and whoever it is directed at. We grieve with the victims and their families together.

Jeremy Wright re-elected as MP for Kenilworth and Southam

It is a huge privilege to be re-elected to represent the people of Kenilworth and Southam. It’s the third time that I have been given this honour and I feel that sense of privilege and of responsibility as keenly this time as I did when I was first elected.

London - 3 June 2017

Last night there was another terrible attack on our way of life and this morning we grieve again with those affected. We should recognise too the tremendous professionalism and heroism of those who responded to it and remain determined to defeat those responsible for it.

Guinness World Record at Kenilworth School

I was delighted to join students from Kenilworth School and Sixth Form to break the Guinness World Record for the “Largest Human Image of a Bicycle”.